Office Furniture Mistakes

Where Would You Rather Work?

Choosing office furniture can be fun, but it is often overwhelming at the same time. Because it has a long-term impact on how your company operates, you need to consider employee needs and future goals while also considering which products will give you the best value. Stay clear of these five common mistakes when choosing your furniture.

No Clear Plan

Take time to determine what your office needs. Go through what your office has, what is missing, and what will make it better. Think about how often items will be used and if they will improve workflow. Choose timeless pieces that won’t look out of place in a few years. Not having a plan will lead to hasty decisions.

Ignoring Comfort

Employee comfort is critical. Comfortable furniture makes employees happier and more productive while also eliminating workplace injury. Make sure items have ergonomic features.

Choosing the Wrong Fabrics

Think of how each piece will be used. Will people sit on it frequently? Will it be in an area that you clean often? Go for mesh when you want a fabric that breathes. Use vinyl for high traffic areas requiring frequent cleaning.

Selecting Products Not Rated for Specific Tasks

This mistake often occurs because you want to save money. Purchasing an office lobby chair that’s rated only for persons weighing up to 250 pounds could be dangerous for people who weigh more as it could result in injury. Invest in higher rated furniture that can be used by many different types of people.

Ignoring Overall Value

Only looking at price and not overall value is another problem. Assess initial price tag with how much value it will produce over its lifetime. Think about its role and how it will affect employee comfort and productivity.

You don’t have to guess what pieces will be right for your space. At Office Innovations, we specialize in helping our clients design their office space with furniture that will fit their needs. Contact us today to learn how.

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