Office Furniture’s Influence on Corporate Culture

When it comes to office space, the furniture you choose says a lot about your company. In fact, it speaks volumes about your office culture. That’s why carefully selecting your office furniture goes a long way toward first impressions for new clients.

Avoid Your Personal Style

If you are responsible for choosing furniture, avoid your personal preferences and style and go for a look that reflects what you want to say about your company. A law office, for example, often has heavy, dark wood furniture. The same often goes for some types of financial operations. Such furniture commands respect and knowledge, which is the type of impression that you want to convey.

For a creative agency, however, furniture with a modern cutting edge design is more appropriate. The latest trends convey an image of being modern and on top of things, which is what a creative agency wants to exhibit. If your office is a creative environment, don’t forget to include a few odd pieces that will reflect that vibe.

Thus, it’s important not to choose what you would buy for your home, but to reflect what your company is all about. Your personal tastes don’t necessarily reflect the vibe of your company.

Don’t Forget about Comfort and Function

Once you have decided what type of vibe and style you want to convey, don’t forget about the comfort of your employees and your guests. You don’t want to choose hard, uncomfortable furniture that will have guests fidgeting in their chairs and looking toward the door. Think ergonomic and comfortable, especially in reception areas and conference rooms.

At the same time, make sure that your office furniture selection is also functional. Make sure that office cubicles have desks that can work in a variety of situations. Use modular pieces that can work well in any environment.

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