Office Relocation Checklist

office-relocationRelocating to a new office is a good sign because this means your company is growing. However, moving to another office takes a lot of planning and preparation. The following office relocation checklist can help you prepare for this big change.

Start With Your Employees

You should always take the employees who are relocating and staying behind into consideration when moving to a new office.

  • Figure out how many employees are going to be moving to your new office.
  • Make plans to relocate the employees who are not moving to the new office.
  • Assign a move coordinator to each department, and schedule frequent meetings to check the progress of the move.

Look For A Moving Company

Relocating to your new office is a big job for one person, which is why it is recommended to hire a reliable moving company.

  • Start researching office moving companies in the area, and check out the certifications, insurance and references for each company.
  • Choose a moving company that is right for you, and schedule a meeting with the company at your current office.
  • Schedule a meeting with the moving company and your department coordinators at your current office.

Take Care of Your Office Furniture

You should take care of your furniture and update the inventory before moving day.

  • Put together an inventory of all the items that will be moved to your new office.
  • Create a list of any furniture that needs to be refinished or repaired.
  • Start ordering necessary furniture, electronics and machines for your new office.

Start Packing Your Office Supplies

Start ordering supplies and packing up your office supplies several weeks before the move.

  • Order your packing supplies such as boxes, packaging tape and labels.
  • Start packing the common areas of your office, and make sure everyone packs their workstations during the last week.
  • Label the equipment, furniture and boxes using numbers and color-coded labels.

Office Innovations Can Help With Your Move

Office Innovations, Inc. offers help with relocating and installing the furniture in your new office. The team also specializes in delivery, assembly, refurbishing and upholstery cleaning.

Do you need help relocating and installing your office furniture? You can start making plans with Office Innovations by checking out the furniture moving and installation services.

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