Open-Plan Offices and Buying Office Furniture

The twenty-first century has presented new challenges to the workplace. Recent studies conducted indicated advancements in cell phone technology, web browsing, social media, and cubicles are amongst the greatest obstacles to remaining focused at work. New innovations in office design are attempting to combat these challenges.

Open Concept

As the internet and social media made its way into the everyday lives of American workers, offices were designed to eliminate the temptation to waste work time surfing the web or chatting on social media. The temptation was effectively eliminated, but not without some consequences.

Workers felt as though their managers had become “big brother”, spying on their every activity. Therefore, while office productivity saw improvements, workplace anxiety increased. The feeling of someone peering over their shoulder became THE distraction.

The Brody Work Lounge and the Knoll Refuge Spaces have sought to adopt the best of both worlds. An open concept in which co-workers regularly collaborated, while being able to isolate and concentrate without feeling nervous of prying eyes.

Brody Work Lounge

The Brody Work Lounge is a cubicle style workspace, in which frosted glass is to the back of the occupant. A sleek pull-out desk is designed for modern day mobile devices. It is accompanied with a side table for making notes or opening textbooks.

Several college campuses have found the Brody Work Lounge extremely useful in the design of its libraries and study halls. The separate units take up less space than typical cubicles, while allowing students to pull their chairs together for a group study.

The ease of use and placement has been an attraction employers have appreciated. They maintain an open floor concept, but provide needed privacy to their employees.

Knoll Refuge Spaces

The Washington Post claims the Knoll Refuge Spaces were specifically designed to meet the demands of employers for an open workspace, while still providing privacy. Often designed as a separate room with glass surrounding it, the room is set up similar to a home living room.

The Refuge Spaces provide a comfortable, private place, within the open space office.

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