How to Prepare when Moving Offices

Relocating an entire office, with all of its contents, can be a daunting task. It is important to plan well for the challenges that your staff will face during this transition, and we’ve provided a list of some of the things you can expect to need to do.

Making Your Plans

Take Your Time: Most successful moves have been thought out anywhere from six months to two years in advance. How long you allow for this process can vary, depending on the size of your company. It is good to not be in a rush and to complete each process thoroughly.

Hiring Help: One of the best and most highly recommended tips is that you contract the skills of a professional moving company. This will alleviate much of the strain and confusion that can accompany this change.

Check Their Insurance: Most buildings will require that your company carry insurance, and it is important that you ask to see a copy of this information well in advance. This will cover your firm in the event of a mishap or other accident.

Scheduling Your Changeover: It is most likely that your crew will need to arrange to do this during the weekend. This is because many offices will not allow this to take place during normal office hours. Everyone will need to be flexible in order to get the job done.

Moving Day

Packing Up: Your moving company may be able to assist with the packing up of your materials. It is paramount that everything is labeled properly, as this will be the key to assembling everything properly in your new location.

Have the Proper Tools: Your movers will need to check the protocol of the space you are going to occupy, as different places require a variety of care. Some buildings need you to reserve elevators, cover the floors, and may restrict how long you can be present at their loading dock.

Finding Moving Professionals: Your moving experience can become hassle free by contacting experienced moving professionals, Office Innovations, Inc.

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