Preparing You for an Office Move

An office move can be less stressful and disruptive if you have a solid plan in place before you get started. But before you get to this point, take a moment to ask yourself if you really need to relocate. If you are moving mainly because your office feels outdated or a bit too crowded in certain spots, for instance, consider reconfiguring your existing space and replacing or reupholstering your furniture. But if an office move is absolutely necessary, here’s how to prepare for your relocation.

Put Someone In Charge of the Move

Just because you are moving your office to a different location doesn’t mean your business will come to a grinding halt. Appoint a skilled, organized person to be in charge of your relocation transition so you can still focus on daily operations. This person can take care of tasks such as:

• Coordinating move-related details with different departments
• Maintaining a schedule for the move – and making any adjustments that may be necessary
• Making sure the new space is properly prepared

Your office move coordinator can also help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of an office relocation. For instance, they can calculate and document moving-related expenses to help you stay on track with your budget and put together a realistic time frame for the move to take place.

Seek Input On How the New Space Will Be Used

A move to a new office is a perfect opportunity to create a space designed with your staff’s needs and priorities in mind. So, before you actually move, ask everyone on your team, including supervises, department heads, and managers, to offer input on how they would like the new space to be used. This data can then be used to design your new space.

Explore Workplace Trends

Recruitment, retention, productivity, and even well-being can be affected by the way a workplace is designed. If your current office isn’t designed with newer workplace trends in mind, use your move as an excuse to make your new space more in line with what matters most to employees today. Popular trends to consider include:

• Open spaces
• Separate “zones” for different purposes
• Natural light sources

If an office move is what’s right for your business, the Office Innovations team can help. We offer several budget-pleasing services that can make your move more affordable and convenient. With our warehousing service, for example, you can temporarily store your furniture as you get your new office space ready. We’re also at your service if you need new pieces delivered and installed.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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