Preparing Your Workplace for the Next Generation

You might have a workplace that appeals to millennials, but what about centennials? We’re talking about individuals born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s. Also referred to as Gen Z, this tech-savvy and ambitious age group tends to be less focused and less educated than millennials – although they are still considered money-conscious and entrepreneurial. So, how can you prepare your workplace for this next generation of employees?

Rethink Open Spaces

It’s no secret that millennials love to collaborate in open spaces that allow for such interactions. Gen Zers, however, aren’t as collaborative. They prefer some privacy so they can independently complete certain tasks. This doesn’t mean they’re against teamwork, though. The solution is to create a space that has open elements with cozy nooks and other spots that allow for some privacy

Make Your Workplace Flexible

Gen Zers appreciate boundaries and personal space. They also have a penchant for the ability to work remotely when possible, which means a flexible work schedule is often preferred. But they are still highly motivated. Make your workplace more flexible in terms of your office design by considering:

• Individual workstations
• Mobile desks
• Small team rooms – but also some large conference rooms
• Lounge areas
• Relaxed community spaces

Create a Tech-Centered Workplace

The next generation is one that has grown up in the digital age. Therefore, if your desire is to welcome newer generations into your business environment, you’ll want to keep up with technology by including innovations appropriate for your business model.

Provide Growth and Learning Opportunities

In recent years, many companies have added “fun spaces” to their workplace to give millennials time to refresh. Gen Zers, however, have a tendency to look for opportunities to grow and learn. You might meet this need by offering workshops or even support for internal hackathons!

Embrace Values

According to one survey, three-quarters of centennials say they want their work to have meaning. One way to emphasize the fact your company embraces certain meaningful values is to display those values in writing with your artwork. You could even name meeting rooms after your core values!

Keep Health and Wellness in Mind

Lastly, Gen Zers have expressed a desire to have healthier products in the workplace. In addition to bringing in more natural light, you could make your workplace more wellness-focused with:

• Ergonomic chairs
• “Nap” rooms
• Standing or sit-to-stand desks
• Out-of-the-box healthy perks like letting dogs into the office on certain days

A smart, cost-effective way to prepare your workplace for the next generation is to partner with Office Innovations. We can help you reconfigure your layout or refurbish some of your existing furniture. And if you need some new pieces to complete your updates, we’ll take care of delivery and assembly.

Contact us today to put your office design plans into motion.

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