Why You Should Have Professionals Install Your Office Furniture

When you select and buy new office furniture, more often than not, you look for sturdy pieces that will provide you with the highest quality. Having furniture that looks good and impresses clients and vendors alike makes your workplace look professional as well as warm and inviting. For many companies, the theory is, spend money on the furniture itself and skimp on the installation. After all, who can’t put furniture together?

Yes, You Need Professional Installation

Installing office furniture on your own could end up costing more money in the long run. One of the biggest hazards to installing office furniture on your own is the risk of injury to employees. Sure, you probably have a handful of employees who claim that they are experts at assembling all kind of furniture from IKEA but how do you know if that’s really true? Hammers, nails, screwdrivers and other tools needed can cause all kinds of injuries, not to mention what could happen if a heavy piece accidentally drops on someone’s foot.

In addition to the possibility of injury, you’ll also lose productivity from your employees. Instead of having them do the jobs they’re hired to do, you’ll have them work on tasks that would take professionals half the time to do.

Professional Installers Will Have a Plan

Another reason to use professional installers is that they will have a plan for removing your old furniture and bringing in your new set-up. If you go the do-it-yourself route, you’ll once again have employees carrying furniture out to the trash, risking injury. In many cases old office furniture can somehow be recycled or donated, so going this route will also help the environment.
When professionals assemble your furniture, it will be done correctly. there’s no guesswork, which is part of the plan. Allow yourself the resources to have furniture put together correctly. If you need help in installing office furniture, Office Innovations can help. Contact us for help with selecting and installing and designing layouts for all types of office furniture.

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