Check out this project we recently completed at Fanatics. Here are some facts about the project :

How large was this install?
574 marketing and manager stations

fanatics Install

Where was it?  
Jacksonville (Southside) at Fanatics


Were there any unique challenges or features to mention?
The project had a very tight installation timeline that needed to be executed in simultaneously with several other large installation projects. Even though the stations were repetitious in pattern, our team had to install start to finish in 10 business days. A very successful install with customer thrilled and excited about our next endeavor with them.

16115-fanatics-p1 16115-fanatics-p2 16115-fanatics-p3 16115-fanatics-p4 16115-fanatics-p5 16115-fanatics-p6 16115-fanatics-p7 16115-fanatics-p8 16115-fanatics-p9 16115-fanatics-p10 16115-fanatics-p11


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