Large Staffing Firm

Large Staffing FirmEvery month, we like to feature a project that we are particularly proud of. This month, we put our focus on a project we recently completed at Large Staffing Firm. Here are some facts about the project :

How big was it? It was relatively small in scope by comparison to other installs we have done. In all this was (13) powered Haworth workstations, (9) Paoli private offices, conference room, training room, testing room & lobby (Full suite)
Where was it? It was installed in a corporate center in TallahasseeLarge Staffing Firm
Were there any unique challenges or features to mention? Distance is always an issue for any project. Our expertise and proficiency allow us to be effective even with the distance. This install had a zero punch and installed on-time and on schedule.

Large Staffing FirmWorthy of note:
This is our 38th project for the same end-user and the 65th project for the same dealer going back to 2005. Dealer is in Maryland/DC Area and relies heavily on our team to execute projects here in FL & GA despite the distance. It shows the level of trust and confidence they have in our company with projects going back well over 10 years and counting

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