Pros and Cons of Leather Office Chairs

If you have an upscale office, you may have considered purchasing ergonomic leather chairs for your executives or for your reception area to provide a great first impression for new clients. Like any other type of office furniture, leather chairs come with pros and cons. Before you make the plunge, consider the following.

Advantages of Leather Office Chairs

When you select a good quality leather chair, it will be made with a single piece of hide, not patched together with different pieces. Sometimes the back of the chair may be made with high-quality vinyl, which is okay if the finish matches the rest of the chair as it keeps overall costs down. Know the grade and origin of the leather used in the chair that you intend to purchase. Any reputable dealer will be glad to give you this information. A high-quality leather, ergonomic office chair will provide years of service. Good leather is easy to maintain with minimal cleaning. A well-maintained leather chair will also develop its own distinctive patina over time.

Disadvantages of Leather Office Chairs

Bargain leather office chairs are not worth the money, so avoid the temptation to buy them because of the price. Low-priced chairs are usually made from scraps and low-quality leather that is thin and brittle.

Even with good leather chairs, the smooth surface can lead to sliding around in your chair. In situations where users tilt forward a lot, going with a fabric chair may be a better choice. Leather can also make your clothes look shiny and worn, so you may also want to think about that. Another drawback is that leather furniture can often feel warm during the summer months, making you and anyone who sits in a leather chair uncomfortable and even feeling a bit sticky. Some high-end leather chairs do have a breathable surface, but that, of course, will add to the price.

Remember that if you want a decent leather chair, the price per piece will be expensive. Office Innovations can help you with the selection of office chairs and furniture as well as aid in the configuration of your workplace.

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