Ready-To-Assemble vs Fully Assembled Furniture

Purchasing office furniture comes with many options that include the manner in which you want pieces shipped. You can either choose to have furniture fully assembled or go the route of ready-to-assemble (RTA) when buying products. Both forms come with advantages and disadvantages of which you should be aware before determining which type of assembly is the right fit.

RTA Saves on Cost
Ready-to-assemble is the best route when you are low on funds. Fully assembled furniture takes up more space, which makes shipping more expensive. Fully built desks, tables, and bundles of chairs typically require freight shipping, which costs hundreds of dollars. Ready-to-assemble furniture, however, can be delivered by way of UPS, which means that you save big on shipping costs. Opting to do-it-yourself in furniture building is the best way to go when the budget is your greatest obstacle.

Fully Assembled Furniture Comes with Convenience
Ready-to-assemble furniture can take upwards of five hours to put together with no guarantees of such efforts being effective. Attaching legs to a desk or chair is not usually problematic, but connecting small screws with their anchors to ensure that the structure holds under pressure can be troubling. You should count up all of the cost, including labor, when considering RTA over fully assembled furniture. While it is true that RTA is cheaper, fully assembled furniture comes with the convenience of being able to immediately put products to good use.

RTA vs. Fully Assembled Space Constraints
You should measure the space between the entryway in addition to the area where you plan to place office furniture before ordering new pieces. Fully assembled products require more doorway space than RTA equipment since you will not be able to breakdown furniture to get it inside of the office.

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