Rotary Storage and Filing Cabinets

Rotary storage cabinets pivot and spin to maximize the use of your floor space and are designed to easily store multiple sources of media all in one cabinet.  The cabinets are two-sided pivoting lateral cabinets that spin to provide access to each side of the desired cabinet.  These cabinets deliver up to 400% more file/media storage than traditional drawer filing cabinets in the same amount of floor space.

Rotary Cabinets Can Store a Large Variety of Media

Rotary cabinets are extremely flexible.  They can hold top tab files, side tab files, forms, literature, supplies, binders, weapons and any type of computer media.  All of the cabinets are lockable and can be used to store sensitive materials, as well.  Pivoting rotary filing cabinets merge items from file cabinets, storage cabinets, and computer media storage all into one centralized cabinet.  Centralizing storage makes information easier to find and closer to the point of use.

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