Spring Clean Your Office

Business owners might sometimes mistake messiness for hard work. The truth is that a tidy workplace contributes more to productivity than your dirty space could ever do. Do yourself and your employees a favor and conduct a bit of spring cleaning annually. Various surveys reveal that nearly 100 percent of Americans believe that clutter negatively impacts their work day. Why wouldn’t you want to make your office more liveable?

Clean Space Equals Professionalism
Imagine walking into a grocery store where everything was out of place. You would not spend much time in the business with so much clutter surrounding you, would you? In the same way, a messy office tells your clients that you are unconcerned about the details. Why would they hire you to handle pertinent information if you cannot take care of the details of your own space? The best way to show customers that you are the epitome of professionalism is by giving them a clean space to sit, think, and collaborate.

Stress Levels Fall When You Reduce Clutter
Distractions are the number one culprits to productivity that ultimately lead to missed deadlines. Stress ensues every time you have to push back a project because you cannot find all of the documents needed to complete the task underneath the clutter. A surefire way to decrease tension on the job is to have an organized space in which everything has a place. Consider devoting at least five minutes of your day to tidying to accomplish this goal.

Creativity Reaches its Height When You Clear Space
Most, if not all, entrepreneurs crave those creative juices that give them ideas to make more money. Only a fraction of small business owners, however, realize the correlation between new concepts and a tidy working space. You give your brain liberty to evolve when it does not have to worry about the clutter taking up extra space on your desk.

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