The Standing Desk Movement Is Here to Stay

Standing is the new sitting. You may have heard some version of this declaration as a justification for switching to a standing desk setup in the workplace. Even if you’re not yet fully on board with the standing desk movement, it’s here to stay – and it’s definitely something worth considering if you normally spend several hours sitting as you work. Here’s why.

Standing More Is Good for Your Health

The “standing desk craze,” as some people refer to it, may seem like a passing fad, but there’s credible research suggesting that having the ability to stand, move, and even walk around while still getting productive work done can reduce your risk of obesity and serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. In fact, people with jobs where they primarily sit are twice as likely to develop heart disease as people who normally stand while on the clock.

But Prolonged Sitting Isn’t So Good

The best way to make a case for standing desks is to take a closer look at what sitting for long periods of time at work can do to your health. One of the more alarming stats is that sitting for six hours a day or more means you could be as much as 40 percent more likely to die within 15 years than individuals spending less time sitting each day. Prolonged sitting can also affect your body by contributing to:

• Less electrical activity, or natural stimulation, in your leg muscles
• Lower “good” cholesterol levels
• Reduced insulin effectiveness – which increases your risk of developing diabetes

Standing Desk Workstations Offer Many Benefits

Now for the good news! If you work at a standing desk, you’ll be more likely to move around. You may also reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer that have been associated with a lack of physical activity, such as breast and colon cancer, by standing more and sitting less at work. You may even find yourself more inclined to stretch and do other good things for your body as you work from a standing position.

If you are ready to change your office layout as you convert to a standing desk setup, Office Innovations is here to help. If this process will involve new office furniture, we’ll take care of delivery, installation, and assembly. Our reconfiguration experts can lend a hand as well if you need to adjust your current layout to accommodate standing desks and related accessories.

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