Staying Ahead of Corporate Office Design Trends

It’s not always easy to stay ahead of office design trends if you happen to be busy focusing on your bottom line. However, if you’re not aware of what’s important to your employees, you may be unintentionally affecting the productivity that’s the heart of your business. If your goal is to attract top talent and keep your existing team happy, you’ll want to, at least, be aware of what office design trends matter most in today’s corporate world.

Bringing the Family Home to Work

Because more employees are working remotely at times or sharing workspaces, a big trend these days is to bring elements of the family home into the corporate environment. This can be done by:

• Not having assigned seating
• Choosing office furniture that’s comfortable and supportive
• Creating inviting break/lunch spots for workers to recharge and relax
• Setting up places where workers can brainstorm, collaborate, or hold private conversations

Not Overdoing It with Technology

While it is important to give workers access to technology, people also need places where they can concentrate without constant tech interruptions. Desktop video is one way to find a balance since this is a way to communicate that can be accessed as needed and turned off when some quiet work time is needed. You can also set up areas where there is little or no tech distraction.

Letting Workers Choose Their Spaces

Another trend that’s catching on in corporate offices is creating different spaces with various activities in mind. So, you might have workers start off their day at a desk before moving to a more open space to work with co-workers. Later in the day, however, they may gravitate to a quieter space so they can come up with new project-related ideas.

Simple Is Sometimes Best

Not everyone in a corporate office is going to be comfortable or happy with an open design that doesn’t allow workers not preferring this environment to feel comfortable. One solution is to embrace a simple design that includes a mix of traditional design features and modern options.

If you’re not sure where to get started with corporate office design trends, talk to the Office Innovations team. We can get you started with a reconfiguration of your existing layout. We also offer asset management services that can help you keep track of what you already have so you can determine what to keep and what needs to be updated.

Contact us today to discuss your corporate office design needs.

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