Your Step-by-Step Guide to an Office Redesign with Office Innovations

Whether you are expanding your business into a new space or just looking to freshen up your existing workspaces, you may be wondering just how to get started with office redesign plans. The trick is to have a solid plan in place as you go forward with your office redesign plans. Fortunately, the Office Innovations team has some suggestions for you.

Start with a Design Tailored to Your Needs

The layout that’s right for your redesigned office space will depend on the activities that normally go on there. If your staff needs to collaborate often, for example, a design with flexible furniture that can be moved around as needed and more openness could serve you well. If your staff needs some quiet spaces to focus on individual or small team tasks, semi-private nooks with cozy chairs and tables could work.

If you have a fairly sizable group of employees, however, you probably have more of a mix of preferred work styles in your offices. But that’s okay! An office redesign gives you a chance to mix things up in a way that meets multiple needs. You could achieve this goal with a design that includes:

• Open benching cubicles
• Glass dividers to allow for some privacy
• Larger tables for bigger projects involving collaboration

Make some informal sketches as you brainstorm and come up with ideas for your office redesign. This will give you a better idea of what’s likely to work well in your available spaces.

Create an Office Redesign Budget

Determine how much you can actually afford to spend as you turn your ideas into reality. If your budget is limited, consider a minimalist, open design. This allows for the placement of shared workstations and a few other key pieces while still leaving enough room to add other furniture later. Further keep your office redesign costs in check by:

• Decorating minimally
• Bringing in more natural light to reduce the need to add more artificial lighting
• Adding brighter colors to walls to create a more open and calming feeling
• Using simple DIY art for the walls

Get Your Staff Involved

If you have a fairly large company with multiple employees in different departments, get input from everyone to boost productivity and morale. After all, people working in different areas of your office on a regular basis should know what they need to be efficient, comfortable, and productive. You could do this by casually asking for ideas or holding a more formal group meeting.

Repurpose or Donate What You Already Have

With furniture that’s not going to work with your new design, consider donating what you won’t need. But avoid the temptation to do everything yourself with your redesign project when we’re here to save you time and money! For instance, Office Innovations can refurbish existing pieces that are in otherwise good shape to give them a fresh, new look that’s in line with what you’ll be adding to your space.

You may be surprised at how impactful a well-planned office redesign can be! You’ll be even more pleased with the results when you partner with Office Innovations. We’re prepared to lend a hand with everything from the delivery of new furniture to the storage of items you need temporarily out of the way as you complete your redesign.

Contact us today to discuss your office redesign plans.

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