The Case for Cubicles

Cubicles are a misunderstood piece of office furniture with a reputation largely based on what’s been portrayed on TV and in the movies for many years. The truth is that today’s cubicles are much more appealing than the “traditional” cubicle of yesteryear. In fact, cubicles have a made comeback in recent years – so much so that we can now make a strong case for cubicles!

Cubicles Solve Office Space Needs

In areas where commercial real estate is at a premium, you may find yourself having to settle for an office that’s somewhat limited on space. If this is what you’re dealing with, cubicles can be a smart way to maximize whatever space you have to work with.

Cubicles Are Extremely Diverse

Cubicles began to wane in popularity when the open office craze took off. There’s also a lingering misconception that cubicles are dark, drab enclosed spaces that inhibit communication and office flow. However, today’s cubicles are extremely diverse in their design and highly adaptive to various workspaces. Desirable features of today’s cubicles include:

• Multiple color options
• Shorter walls to avoid disruptions to office communication
• Different designs for every office style

Cubicles Allow for Smooth Transitions

Some modern cubicles are designed with glass panels, storage space, and attached tables. Designs like this allow workers to have some privacy when necessary while also being able to collaborate on projects by moving to the more open part of the cubicle.

Cubicles Are Multifunctional

If you do have more office space to work with, there are larger cubicles that could also meet your needs, including some designs that are multifunctional. For instance, there are some larger cubicles that include space for the following features:

• Space for a computer
• Ample desk space
• Storage space for supplies
• Attached file drawers

Cubicles Can Be Customized

Some cubicles are highly customizable, which is a plus if you have unique workplace layout needs and preferences. For example, there are customizable models with features and options that include:

• Metal raceways
• Full-depth workspaces
• Multiple leg options
• Different electrical outlet system set-ups
• Personal storage lockers

Are you ready to update your existing cubicles or balance out your open floor plan with some strategically placed modern cubicles? If so, the Office Innovations team is at your service! In addition to delivery, we also lend a hand with installation and assembly. We can even help you keep track of what you already have or reconfigure your current office layout.

Contact us today to start personalizing or updating your workspaces.

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