Things You’ll Need to Construct the Ideal Waiting Room

People generally ignore or even dislike waiting rooms. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve yours, whether your place of business is a medical clinic, a restaurant or an office where appointments are common. The following are some of the items you will need to construct the ideal waiting room.

Chairs Arranged In An Effective Manner

All waiting rooms need chairs. Instead of having a lot of chairs, consider adding extra space for storage so clients do not need to use chairs to hold their bags and coats. You can offer secure storage space for valuables. Fewer chairs gives your waiting room more open space and makes visitors feel less cramped. Additionally, be sure to get comfortable, relaxing chairs that have a nice look.

Things To Do

The best options will depend on the types of clients you see. For example, if you primarily see children or families, having a small play area with toys can both occupy children as well as reduce their anxiety while they wait. Magazines and newspapers are another time-honored feature in waiting rooms and still have their place. Provide a variety, particularly ones that are likely to be of interest to your clients or contain useful information. Go with the tried and true, but also be creative.


It’s almost expected in this day and age to have Wi-Fi in a waiting area. Consider keeping the network password-free in order to make it more accessible. If you do use a passcode, make it easily known by posting it on the wall. Some people feel uncomfortable asking for it and others won’t bother to go through the effort, ultimately defeating the purpose of having it in the first place.

Phone Charging Stations

Another great way to elevate your waiting room to the next level is by installing charging stations for mobile devices. Most people like to pass the time on their phones now and providing an easy way to recharge devices can be a very appreciated feature. If you go this route, be certain to have cords that are compatible with the most popular types of devices.

Looking to give your waiting room a facelift? Office Innovations can help provide and install the things you need to see a marked improvement in how your waiting room looks and functions.

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