9 Signs It’s Time…

You suspect that it may be time for an office furniture upgrade, but how can you be really, really sure? Don’t worry. Never fear. We’re here to help. Just read on to see if any of the following 9 signs apply to you.

1. The office is from another decade

The 1970s was a wonderful decade.  All kinds of good things happened there, but avocado green, pumpkin orange, and brown were by no means the crowning glory of the groovy era. An outdated working environment might leave some employees feeling trapped in a space-time anomaly from which they can’t escape. Bringing the office into the twenty-first century could immediately improve employee morale and lead to more productivity in the long run.

2. Chairs are held together by duct tape

We get it. Duct tape is a modern marvel and can be used on anything, from the International Space Station to making yourself a briefcase. But should your employees use their valuable time to duct tape their chairs to hold them together? No. The answer is no. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean it SHOULD be done.

3. There is a race for space

Your employees are having trouble moving around the piles of files stacked waist high on the floor.  They are tripping over cables and have to pole vault from one area to another. Do something about that!  Perception is reality. If it looks like your space is too crowded, it probably is.

4. Clutter makes people mutter

There is a better way to store pertinent documents than piling them up on your desk. Clutter has a way of weighing on morale and negatively affecting work ethic, which is why your office should be rid of unnecessary junk. Investing in an upgrade that has an efficient storage system that fits with the overall layout of the office is the better way to operate your company. Trust us on this one.

5. Employees are always complaining

Yes, sometimes employees complain. But one thing they shouldn’t have to complain about is the office furniture. They spend the majority of their waking life in the office. Concerns about the outdated furniture in the break room are not just the product of your workers whining. Productivity absolutely depends on employee morale, which means that you should take into account every complaint and consider renovating when the criticism about office decorum becomes consistent.

6. Employees are opting to sit on milk crates

Milk crates are pretty uncomfortable, so when you notice your employees sitting on milk crates rather than sitting on the office chairs the time has definitely come to do something about this.

7. People are getting splinters when they move their computer mice

First of all, you read that correctly. It sounds weird but we say one computer mouse, two computer mice. Why does this sound so strange? We don’t know. Secondly, if your employees are getting splinters when they move their hands across the work surface, you know it’s time to get new tables. The time to get new tables was yesterday, in fact.

8. Employees can’t concentrate because of the heavy metal

Heavy metal desks, that is. Not the music. If your desks are made of metal and dating from before the 1990’s then it’s time. Really. It’s time.  Don’t make your employees feel like they are trapped in the past.  If they want to get that kind of thrill, they can watch Dr. Who.

9. The furniture does not fit the brand

Ok, let’s get serious here. Our guess is that you want your company to grow and thrive and go from strength to strength. That’s what all companies want, right? So why are some companies more successful than others?

Yes, the quality of your work matters a great deal. Yes, the cost of your products and services play a role. But there’s a third factor. Image.

A company is not an abstract idea. A company creates an image in the minds of people looking at it.

If you project success then your employees and clients will feel trust in the company. When they feel trust, they will feel safe to invest their time and energy and money in working with you.

It might sound shallow, but appearance does matter. So, if possible make upgrades when you can.

Even with a tiny budget, you can improve the look of your office. A fresh coat of paint can be a first step if you don’t have the budget for new office furniture. A few pieces of strategically placed art can inspire and delight.  Sometimes a good cleaning and fixing broken and dirty furniture can make the world of difference.

Take a look at all of our services to see how we can help you go from good to great. We’re happy to talk with you and give you more information so you can weigh up all your options.

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