Tips to Maximize Space in Your Small Office

Arranging office furniture in a small space can be challenging. Positioning and vertical space are two of the most important elements when deciding how to arrange furniture. Before you decide where to put everything, make sure you measure the entire area of your office and each piece that will go in it. Once you have these measurements, you’re ready to go to work.


Start with desks as these are the main component of any workstation. Desks need to be near electrical and phone outlets as well as Internet connections so you’re not running long wires across a room. If possible, choose L-shaped desks that you can place in corners so you can utilize every foot of space. You should also try to place desks, if you can, to take advantage of natural light.

Another good rule of thumb is to keep objects your employees use frequently on or near their desks. Printers, filing cabinets and similar items should be within reach or only a few steps away.

Pay attention to the way doors open in your office. If you have inward opening doors, make sure that you place desks in such a manner that they allow doors to completely clear.

Vertical Space

With small offices, making use of vertical space will help you get more out of your environment. Vertical file cabinets or lateral files are better than wide storage cabinets in tight situations. Another possibility is file cabinets on wheels that can be moved from space to space. Wall units and hutches are also good choices for storage and providing extra room. If you are really pressed for space, use the top of file cabinets for essential items like printers.

Do you need help on deciding what types of furniture or how to arrange it in a small space? If so, Office Innovations is here to help. We’ll work with you and provide you with an installation that will maximize your office space to its fullest.

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