Tips for Smoothly Getting Through an Office Renovation

Tips for Smoothly Getting Through an Office Renovation
So, you’ve made the decision to renovate your office! While you may have visions of what your office will look like after it has been updated, you might also have some concerns about the actual process – especially if you are worried about how a renovation may affect everything from your employees and your ability to keep your business running to your bottom line. Take a deep breath and keep reading for some tips to help you smoothly get through an office renovation.

Fully Understand Costs 

If your office renovation will involve demolition, construction, furniture, and several other different elements, be aware that each vendor or contractor will only give you estimates for their part of the project. So, it’s up to you to see the big picture and track total costs. Even if you get fairly accurate quotes, be aware that renovation costs may also be affected by:

• Permits, inspections, and other requirements
• Additional needs like appliances and accessories
• Your personal preferences for certain elements and items

Find the Right Architect 

Your renovation plan will likely involve an independent architect or a firm. The architect is typically the most important person you’ll work with because this is the individual who usually coordinates efforts with contractors, subcontractors, and other key players. Ideally, you want to work an architect or design-build firm that offers some degree of flexibility while also keeping your needs and budget in mind.

Get Your Own Team Ready 

Give your employees a heads-up about the expected timeline with your office renovation and details about what’s going to be done. At the same time, emphasize the payoffs that are expected because of your renovation efforts – e.g., a better office layout, update furniture, etc. Additional steps to consider taking before and during a renovation on your end include:

• Providing frequent updates to employees
• Lining up temporary or alternative worksites for times when it will be easier to have everyone out of the way
• Exploring work from home options for employees, if possible, during certain phases of your renovation
• Alerting your customers, neighbors (especially if you share building space with other businesses), and anyone else who regularly interacts with you – e.g., landscapers, window cleaners, suppliers who make routine deliveries, and other vendors
• Using your website and social pages to provide renovation updates

When you are as prepared as possible, your office update can have a positive impact on both your employees and your business. Another way to make an office renovation go smoothly is to take advantage of the reconfiguration services available from Office Innovations. Our expert team is ready to help you implement changes that will complement your other renovation efforts.

The Office Innovations team is also at your service if you have furniture that needs refurbishing or cleaned. We can even help with office moves and relocations. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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