Top Five Office Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

2017 Comes with new things on the horizon. According to the Huffington Post, below are some of the office trends we should look out for in the coming year:

Flexible Workstations
As the corporate world expands, employers are feeling the need for more flexibility and mobility in the work environment. Therefore, we expect an evolution of the modern office. We are likely to see offices with movable furniture and multipurpose workspaces to facilitate movement around the room, doing collaborative projects, and getting rid of the boredom of being stuck to one’s desk.

Use of Bold Colors and Textures
2017 will usher more personalized designs of the office space. Offices are likely to follow the trend set by residential spaces by getting rid of cookie-cutter office designs. Be ready to see different types of paints, furniture with various colors, and other accents.

Firms will play mix and match with the colors to find the perfect mixture that blends with their identity and products. Moreover, companies will try out different fabrics, textures, and materials that will contribute to a warm and welcoming working environment.

Hangout Zones
In 2017, we expect to see more interaction and collaboration among employees. Hangout zones will facilitate socialization in the office area. The primary reason for building overlapping spaces in offices is to ensure that workers in different departments get to relax and hang out often during the day.

Examples of hangout zones are rooms with movable walls, outdoor areas, and lounges between floors.

Nature Indoors
In 2017, we expect to see the use of natural fabric and wood paneling in office design. There will also an increased presence of fresh flowers and vertical gardens in the office area. We should not be too surprised to see outdoor games making their way into offices during breaks.

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