Understanding the Difference Between Office Furniture and Office Equipment


Although they are, at times, grouped on the same aisle in a business supplies store, office furniture is much different from general equipment. Here are fundamental differences between office furniture and general business supplies.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is all encompassing of large and small equipment that contributes to the decorum of the company. Desks, tables, and chairs are three of the most popular types of office furniture but are not the only pieces included in a business owner’s budget in this field. End tables and bookshelves may also be considered as office furniture. Some entrepreneurs even include upgrades such as ceiling fans and chandeliers as furniture purchases.

Decoration budgets are always challenging because they vary by company and come with surprises. You may plan for five chairs and two tables that are economically priced and end up purchasing equipment that is well over your projected cost. When determining whether to go cheap or aim for luxury, you should consider the following:

  • Cheap furniture typically requires replacing every two to three years
  • High-end tables and chairs cost less in the long run because they last longer
  • The style that you select depends on how long you plan to keep the furniture

Those business owners planning to purchase new furniture in three years or less may feel comfortable with a cheaper brand that makes a fashion statement. Entrepreneurs hoping to get the most out of their office furniture would probably do better with timeless pieces that can survive many office changes.

Office Equipment

General office equipment include staplers, notepads, and other writing tools and larger items like copiers etc. Some companies consider subscriptions for servicing large equipment such as copiers and fax machines as part of their general office equipment budget because such professional maintenance includes paper along with ink refills.

The motivation behind general office equipment is to ensure that daily activities run smoothly. Fashion and style have nothing to do with this sector of budgeting.

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