Use Analytics to Pinpoint Your Office Furniture Needs

Today, businesses across the Southeast appreciate the importance of implementing office analytics to optimize the selection of new furniture. This process helps managers create more comfortable, pleasant workspaces. It might also assist your firm’s bottom line!

Why Conduct Analytics?

As a preliminary matter, busy managers sometimes wonder what benefits their company gains by devoting attention to analytics. This important preliminary process basically ensures the furniture will meet the needs of the business. It supplies a way to ensure every dollar spent on a commercial purchase yields tangible benefits.

Office Furniture Analytics in a Nutshell

To implement a lean, effective office analytics program, managers must first match the firm’s d├ęcor requirements to the needs of its stakeholders. Carefully observe every room in the workplace environment to obtain answers to these questions:

  • How many people use the room?
  • How much time do they spend there?
  • Who uses specific pieces of furniture?
  • Where do the most productive work periods occur?

Consider Individual Employee Preferences

By undertaking office furniture analytics before making final purchasing decisions, managers gain an opportunity to consider the variable needs of their employees. Some individuals achieve optimum productivity sitting in a straight-backed chair at a formal workstation; others find they perform more effectively in casual conference room settings. A careful analytics process helps ascertain the relative value of every item of furniture to an organization’s workforce.

Quantifying Office Furniture Use

What tools can a company rely upon to measure the utility of every item of office furniture? Today, a variety of available tools help managers accomplish this task. Just a few possible ways of implementing this assessment include:

  • Asking employees to log the time spent using each furniture item during the week;
  • Reviewing office camera footage;
  • Relying upon company access control data;
  • Polling employees about furniture use and productivity individually.

A Smart Innovation

Consider implementing office furniture analytics. Then contact Office Innovations, Inc. for assistance. We’ll help you optimize workplace furniture!

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